Did you know? We have a 10 Day Introductory, for only 1.500 RSD

That's right, a ten day trial period to practice as mush as you like. Come join us and have some fun.

About us

Bikram Yoga Belgrade is the first official and authorized studio of Bikram Yoga in Serbia. Thanks to a couple of Serbian enthusiasts, Bikram Yoga finally made its way to Belgrade.

Initially classes will be held only in English and instructors will be from abroad, since there are not enough authorized Bikram Yoga instructors in the country. Conditions for an instructor license are 6 months of practice in an authorized studio, letter of recommendation from a qualified instructor and 2 months teacher training in California. These facts as well as a high cost of maintaining ideal temperature and humidity justify the class price, which is still considerably lower than in Western Europe.

We hope that you will be satisfied and that Bikram Yoga will change your life just as it influenced lives of many students throughout the world. If your travel brings you often to major capital cities (and almost all cities in the US) keep in mind that you are always welcome to any Bikram Yoga studio. No need to bring stuff with you – a minimal yoga attire is sufficient.

More information about Bikram Yoga you can find on the official Bikram website. Here is the essence:

  • 90 minutes, 26 yoga postures at 42° C;
  • Bikram Yoga is not just relaxation and meditation, but also a serious physical training;
  • Mind is pushed to maintain inner discipline and the whole body is stretching, tightening and strengthening;
  • All the joints are activated and the whole body is freed from toxins;
  • A major help in weight control;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Strengthens joints, bones and muscles;
  • Improves mental focus;
  • Cures insomnia;
  • Anti-stress and anti-fatigue;
  • Improves the posture of the whole body;
  • Rejuvenates and charges you with energy!